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Cardionline is a complex intervention platform open to all national and international interventional cardiologists


The purpose of the establishment; To deliver face-to-face trainings, meetings, and congresses that were interrupted during the Covid19 Pandemic period to our colleagues online, and to convey current approaches with live case broadcasts. Our community, which started its activities in 2020, has completed 15 live case broadcasts in a short period of 6 months. Our sustainable goal is to discuss on the online platform how we use our theoretical education in daily practical life and what we should do by presenting at least 2 cases in the relevant month.


Your intense interest in our meetings and the continuation of information sharing is that such meetings continue their activities in the following years. We conducted our publication cases from Erciyes University, Yılmaz and Mehmet Öztaşkın Hospital, and Ondokuz Mayıs University, Faculty of Medicine.


Our goal for the advancing time period; It is to continue our trainings with many live case studies on national and international platforms.


We would like to remind you that you need to be a member of our site to follow our activities. In addition, we have made our old publications available to our members. You can follow our "Past" and "Future" activities from the Events section.


We are waiting for all of you to our platform where theoretical knowledge turns into practice in our world that is beginning to be at the fingertips of knowledge.

Cardionline Organizing Committee

About Us

 We aim to share with you up-to-date knowledge and practice with sustainable online training.


Our Mission
  • EVAR


  • Aortic coarctation

  • Carotid stenting with proximal protection

  • Carotid stenting with distal protection

  • Subclavian and vertebral obstructions

  • Mesenteric and renal artery stenosis

  • Leriche syndromeIliac total occlusion

  • Femoropopliteal total occlusion Atherectomy in femoropopliteal total occlusion

  • Below the knee total occlusion Varicose vein

  • Deep venous thrombosis

  • CTO equipment: Catheters, Guidewires, microcatheters, and others

  • How to prevent and manage the complications

  • Antegrade wire escalation and parallel wire technique

  • Antegrade dissection and reentry technique

  • Retrograde techniques

  • CTO procedures in complex patients Tips&Tricks for CTO procedures

  • TAVI

  • ASD

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